Concerns regarding the planning and development process

  • Developers are asking for exceptions and variances to exceed height limits with weak or no findings so that the developer can maximize profit with little concern for existing residents!
  • Buildings are being reviewed individually with no regard for the cumulative impact of other new construction in the area.
  • Developers are including the minimum low-income housing in their developments in order to over-build using the state density bonus which allows them to bypass city regulations.
  • Citizens write letters and speak at meetings but their concerns are not addressed by the city.
  • Architects in the city already know of the city's lenient regulations, and propose projects that exceed density and height limits because they know it will be approved.
  • Most new constructions are being built by out of state developers who are unfamiliar with the culture and lifestyle of Venturans.
  • Ventura is known to have a lenient planning department and this is a selling point for realtors and land speculators.

There are many other practices in Ventura that have been favoring developers and silencing citizens, and we want citizens to be involved in the planning process to maintain livability in Ventura. 


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