Attend and speak at city meetings

The more people show up to and speak at meetings, the louder our voice will be. Attend meetings and let our officials know what direction you want Ventura to be moving in. Click HERE to see all upcoming meeting dates.

Write to our city officials 
our city officials to let them know what concerns you have with over development in our city. See below for common issues, or visit our
new developments page to learn more.

Photo of proposed development "Two Eleven" at 211 E. Thompson Boulevard at Figueroa.
94 Units. Six stories.

Research common issues with over development in cities, here are just a few issues to think about.

Natural resources - preserving water and open space 
City and freeway traffic
Cost of new infrastructure surrounding new developments
Changing city culture 
Preservation of historic sites 
Outside developers including minimum low - income housing units to bypass city regulations
Lack of mid level and high paying jobs  for new residents 
Cost of living increase for renters living in surrounding developed areas
New buildings blocking views of preexisting buildings 
Overcrowding of open spaces, beaches, and parking at local beaches
Lack of affordable housing leading to fewer families, young people, and lower enrollment in Ventura schools


Visit our new developments page to read about concerns regarding specific developments.


Tell your friends! 

Be proactive! Get the word out about new developments in your neighborhood by talking to neighbors and friends, share our site and like our Facebook page.  


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